Why Your Armpit Hair Grows So Fast

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Is It Normal for Armpit Hair to Grow Fast?

Have you ever noticed that your armpit hair seems to grow at an alarmingly fast rate? You’re not alone. Many individuals experience rapid armpit hair growth, and it’s completely normal. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and shed light on whether it’s something to be concerned about.

Armpit hair growth is primarily determined by genetics and hormones. Both men and women have hair follicles in their armpits, which are controlled by androgens, particularly testosterone. During puberty, the levels of testosterone increase, triggering the growth of armpit hair, along with other secondary sexual characteristics.

However, the rate of armpit hair growth can vary from person to person. Some individuals may notice that their armpit hair grows faster compared to others. This difference is largely attributed to genetics. Just like hair on the head, the speed of armpit hair growth is predetermined by our DNA.

Why Does My Armpit Hair Grow So Fast?

The rapid growth of armpit hair can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, hormonal changes play a crucial role. As mentioned earlier, during puberty, both males and females experience an increase in androgen hormones, such as testosterone. These hormones stimulate the growth of hair in various parts of the body, including the armpits.

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In addition to hormones, certain lifestyle and health factors can affect the rate of armpit hair growth. Proper nutrition and a healthy diet contribute to overall hair health, including armpit hair. Consuming a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins can promote hair growth and prevent any potential deficiencies that may hinder the growth process.

Furthermore, regular physical activity and exercise can also affect the rate of armpit hair growth. Exercise increases blood circulation, which can deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth.

Why Does My Armpit Hair Grow Faster on One Side?

It’s not uncommon for individuals to notice that their armpit hair grows faster on one side compared to the other. While it may seem peculiar, this discrepancy is generally harmless and attributed to natural variations in hair growth.

Hair growth can be influenced by factors such as blood flow, hormonal distribution, and even the positioning of your body during sleep. These factors can create minor imbalances that result in uneven hair growth. Additionally, genetics can also contribute to asymmetric hair growth patterns, including the armpit area.

However, if you notice a sudden and drastic difference in hair growth between your armpits or experience any other concerning symptoms, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional. They can evaluate your condition and rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be affecting hair growth.

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How to Manage Fast Armpit Hair Growth

If you find that your armpit hair grows rapidly and you prefer to keep it in check, there are several methods you can employ to manage it effectively:

Regular shaving

Shaving is a common method to remove armpit hair. It provides a temporary solution and allows you to control the length and appearance of your hair. Choose a high-quality razor and shaving cream to avoid irritation and razor burn. It’s important to note that shaving only removes the hair above the skin’s surface, so regrowth will occur relatively quickly.


Waxing removes hair from the root, providing a longer-lasting result compared to shaving. This method involves applying warm wax to the armpit area and then removing it quickly, taking the hair with it. The effects typically last for several weeks, but the procedure can be uncomfortable and may cause temporary redness or irritation.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams, also known as hair removal creams, use chemicals to break down the protein structure of the hair, allowing it to be easily wiped away. These creams provide a relatively painless hair removal method, but they may cause skin irritation in some individuals. It’s essential to follow the instructions carefully and conduct a patch test before applying the cream to a larger area.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a long-term solution to manage armpit hair growth. It involves using laser technology to target and destroy hair follicles, significantly reducing hair growth over time. This method provides lasting results but requires multiple sessions and can be expensive.

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Electrolysis is another permanent hair removal option. It involves inserting a fine needle into each hair follicle and delivering an electric current to destroy it. Like laser hair removal, electrolysis requires several sessions to achieve the desired results.


If you prefer to keep your armpit hair but want to manage its length, trimming is a simple and effective solution. Use a pair of scissors or a dedicated trimmer with a guard to avoid accidentally cutting the skin. Regular trimming can help keep your armpit hair neat and tidy.

Remember to take proper care of your armpit area to prevent irritation and maintain good hygiene. Cleanse the area gently with a mild soap or cleanser and moisturize regularly to keep the skin soft and hydrated.


Fast armpit hair growth is a common occurrence influenced by genetics, hormones, and lifestyle factors. Understanding the causes behind it can help you manage and maintain the appearance of your armpit hair according to your preferences. Whether you choose to embrace the natural growth or opt for hair removal methods, the choice is entirely up to you. Prioritize your comfort and choose the method that suits your needs best.



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