Feeling Hungry And Nauseous At The Same Time?

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Is it possible to feel hungry and nauseous at the same time? Yes, there are many reasons why a person can actually feel hungry and nauseous at the same time. First off, you should make food available for yourself when you’re hungry. Not eating food can actually make you nauseous.

Staying without food for some time can affect your digestive system in some way, making you feel nauseous. The nausea may be caused by a buildup of stomach acid or stomach contractions caused by hunger pangs. You should eat foods you are more comfortable with when you’re hungry and nauseous. Because nausea and vomiting go together, you’ll feel the urge to vomit when you’re nauseous.

You should always seek medical attention if you are feeling nauseous for a prolonged period. Visit your healthcare provider if the nausea and vomiting last long enough.

  • 2 days for adults
  • 24 hours for children over 1 year but under 2 years
  • 12 hours for infants (up to 1 year)

Feeling nauseous occurs when you have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and is a warning from your body to sort it out asap. The best way to avoid the feeling is to eat before you get to that point. If it is happening a lot, then you need to consider what it is about your lifestyle that is putting you in this position. It could be that you are young and still growing. It could be that you are dieting unecessarily or more fiercely than is healthy. It could be that you exercise a lot and have a high metabolism. It could be that you are very busy and forget to eat.

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The best cure is obvious and I hope it doesn’t sound insulting. You need to eat enough. It is a good thing that your body is geared up to alert you like this when you are on the verge of a crash. This doesn’t mean eating more than you want to-even a banana can help allay the nausea.

There are other factors that can make you nauseous aside from being hungry.

  • Dehydration

How is dehydration related to feeling nauseous? If you’re feeling thirsty and nauseous, try drinking some water to see if it helps.

Other factors that can make you feel nauseous, according to ClevelandClinic, include

  • Early pregnancy
  • Intense pain
  • Exposure to chemical toxins
  • Emotional stress (fear)
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Food poisoning
  • Indigestion
  • Various viruses
  • Certain smells or odors



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