Does Sudocrem Lighten Skin?

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What is Sudocrem?

Sudocrem is a rash cream that is common in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland, though it isn’t sold in the United States. Sudocrem can be used to treat other conditions, though the main use of Sudocrem is for the treatment of babies’ diaper rash.

Does Sudocrem Lighten The Skin?

Sudocrem does not lighten the skin; its sole purpose is to treat rashes and some other skin conditions as well. Sudocrem doesn’t contain any hydroquinone content of any sort. Hydroquinone creams are skin lightening products. It works by bleaching the skin, reducing the number of melanocytes that are present in the skin. Melanocytes make melanin, which basically gives your skin its color.

Hydroquinone creams can have positive and negative effects on your skin. The most recognized positive effect is that it bleaches the skin and can be helpful in treating a different form of hyperpigmentation. Although they lighten dark patches on the skin, hydroquinone creams or gels do not work permanently. They are only for a while and can serve their purpose, which of course is to lighten the skin. Sudocrem has absolutely no connection with skin lightening; it wouldn’t be worth the try, trust me.

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Can Sudocrem Treat Pimples?

Yes, it can help. It’s very soothing. It contains zinc, which helps with any kind of inflammation. It won’t make them disappear instantly, but it can help reduce the redness and reduce the surface bacteria. It has a kind of drying effect too without harming the skin, which is good if you have a spot.

Can Sudocrem Treat Acne? 

Sudocrem can help to clear and reduce the appearance of cystic acne (be it facial cystic acne or back cystic acne) by soothing the skin around the affected areas, thus reducing the formation of the red blotches. This makes the condition less visible. It also helps reduce bacterial activity in the pores around the acne-afflicted area thanks to its anti-bacterial activity.

Can Sudocrem Treat Rosacea?

But while there are many claims that Sudocrem is effective for other uses, most of them are not backed up by scientific evidence. The ingredients in Sudocrem may be effective individually for treating conditions like rosacea, acne, or even wrinkles.

Can Sudocrem Treat Ringworm?

It wouldn’t cause any harm but would be useless in treating ringworm. You need an antifungal cream, ointment, or liquid tincture. These are often sold as jock itch treatments. 100% Tea Tree Oil is also anti fungal. Apply morning and night until the ringworm appears (this has  nothing to do with an actualworm)m. It’s a fungal infectio). It can take some time to go away. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying whatevertreatmentt you decide to use. The fungus can get on your clothes, so wash them in hot water.

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Dangers of Sudocrem

There can actually be potential side effects of using Sudocrem, which include itching and burning at the site where it’s applied. This may happen if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in Sudocrem, like zinc oxide, lanolin, or benzyl alcohol.



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