Can Andrews Liver Salts Prevent Pregnancy?

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Andrews Liver Salts have a laxative effect. They aid digestion and prevent constipation. There are actually more benefits to Andrew’s liver salt than you think. It provides fast relief from an upset stomach and relieves ingestion.

Can Andrews Liver Salt Prevent Pregnancy?

No, Andrews Liver Salts do not in any way prevent pregnancy or even act as contraceptives. You should consider using real contraceptives before sexual intercourse so you won’t be searching for this keyword in the future. Some people (women) actually take Andrews Liver Salts before having sex. They believe that once you drink this mix with water and a man releases sperm, the Andrews Liver Salts will make the sperm weak. This is not scientifically backed and isn’t something you should try out for yourself. Andrews Liver Salts have antacid action because they are more of an alkali.

The PH of Andrews Liver Salts will not kill sperm while in the female body. This is just a concept everyone should be aware of. If you’re in early pregnancy (12 weeks or less) and you’re looking for a way to terminate your pregnancy, you may be able to use abortion pills, either mifepristone and misoprostol (cytotec) or misoprostol on its own. Both options are safe and effective, and you can take them at home. For information on how to get the pills, how they work, and more, visit abortionpillinfo.

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Can Andrews Liver Salts and Sprite Prevent Pregnancy?

Andrew’s live salt and Sprite have not been scientifically proven to terminate pregnancy. How far along are you? If you’re 12 weeks or less, abortion pills might be right for you. They are safe and effective and can be taken at home. For more information, check out abortionpillinfo.

Abortion should be the only way out. You and your partner are at fault for not using a contraceptive before intercourse. Young women frequently cite concerns about the effects of unplanned pregnancies on future life course outcomes, including education, employment, and relationships, as reasons for seeking abortion. There is relatively little evidence as to whether abortion leads to improved life course outcomes for young women who choose this option. For More Information About Young Women And Abortion, Visit Guttmacher.



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