What You Should Do When A Dog Eats Cement

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You might be wondering how a dog eats cement, even a better question: why does a dog eat cement? These questions will be answered in today’s article. We’ll also be discussing what you should do when a dog eats cement.

Most dogs can be fond of eating unanimous objects. This is obviously a bad and dangerous habit for pups, as they might end up eating dangerous or poisonous substances. There’s actually a condition rather than when a dog craves to eat objects. Pica is a condition in which your dog might be compelled to eat objects that are not food. Objects like plastic, cloth, garbage, dirt, rocks, paper, or even feces. Usually, pica is a psychological or compulsive behavior issue for dogs, but it may also result from medical issues or poor nutrition.

What You Should Do When A Dog Eats Cement

Cement is among the common inanimate things a dog could eat. Cement shouldn’t be placed in an open space. Consuming cement can be bad for your dog’s health. It can cause damage to his teeth, damage to his intestines, a potentially fatal intestinal blockage, or even poisoning from the substances used to make concrete. The least you can do when a dog eats cement is visit the closest vet.

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Remember that you don’t have to be the owner of the pup. You would be saving the pup’s life if you rushed it down to the closest vet after it ate cement. When dog owners’ dogs ate cement, they hoped the concrete would pass naturally through their poop.If your dog doesn’t pass down the concrete naturally, then you will need to bring him to the vet to have them surgically removed. Left unchecked, eating non-edible items like concrete may eventually cost your dog his life.

Concrete is not a healthy component of a canine diet. Not only can ingesting concrete possibly block your dog’s intestines, it can potentially bring upon a bevy of other very dangerous worries, such as bacterial infection and insecticide poisoning—anything could be under that dirty outdoor concrete. It isn’t safe in your pooch’s mouth.

How Can You Prevent Pica in Dogs?

You can actually prevent your dog and other dogs from eating not only cement but other non-edible items as well.

  • You should teach your dog to eat foods that are healthy and those that are bad. You should have a way to communicate with your dog. You can give them that “leave it” signal anytime they are trying to eat a non-edible item. This will actually help your dog learn about things they should eat and things they should avoid.
  • You should give your dog food more often. You shouldn’t let them go hungry. Always feed them when it’s due. Sometimes, dogs eat items like grass simply because they are hungry. Poor nutrition can cause pique in dogs.
  • You should always reward your dog when they’ve done right. By rewarding them, they will certainly keep up with the good work to earn more treats.
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