How to Stop Smoking Weed

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Weed addiction is a habit that most people are fond of. It will be more difficult and challenging to get over substance use than expected.

Why do people get addicted?

Cannabis, which is also known as marijuana, weed, among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has been used as a drug for both recreational and entheogenic purposes and in various traditional medicines for centuries.

The medicinal use of marijuana is for pain control. Marijuana isn’t strong enough for severe pain (like post-surgical pain or a broken bone). It will be quite effective for pain that may be caused by inflammation or dysfunctional nerves. It’s also used for muscle spasms (the involuntary contractions of a muscle, typically harmless and temporary, but can be painful).

How to stop smoking weed

You can consume weed in many ways. You can smoke it, vape it, drink it, eat it. Most people feel that weed takes away their pain and negative feelings. They have this relaxation after they’ve taken a cigar that has been filled with marijuana. One of the uses of marijuana is to ease away fear and anxiety, but there are other recommended drugs for the same purpose.

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Who suffers from weed addiction?

Adults smokes weed the most, though in some regions young adults smokes the more. It has been estimated that adults above 35 smoke weed more, and among this class, men had a higher percentage of smokers. So basically, adult males are the ones that suffer the most from weed addiction.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Iceland is the country that smokes the most marijuana. The data collected by the organization reports that 18.3% of Iceland’s population (aged 15–64) uses cannabis. The United States ranked second place with 16.2%, and the third was Nigeria, with 14.3%. Shocking to many, the Netherlands came in at 20th on the list. It’s actually surprising for Iceland to be found on the list, as the regions rich in marijuana should be at the top. Marijuana is illegal in most of the countries on this list.

How can you overcome weed addiction?

Set a quit date

This is actually a big step to take. You should set a quit date and keep up with the date. Most addicts who want to quit give themselves a specific date on when to quit, and end up not living up to the promise they gave themselves. You have to be determined once you’ve set your goal that you’ll quit smoking on this particular day. But why not quit now instead of giving a date? Most addicts will eventually go back after a day or two, as they can’t stay without a quick smoke. Setting a date gives you the awareness that you have to quit on this day as the time approaches.

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Change your environment

Changing your environment and people around you is also a big step in overcoming addiction. Some times people are forced to smoke as a result of peer pressure. You don’t have to feel ashamed to always stand up for yourself. You should always make the difference. Most of the time, people don’t get used to smoking because of peer pressure. Seeing people closest to you do it, even when they’re not forcing you to do it, might urge you to take part in it.

Distract yourself

Most people get into this act when they are less busy, whereas there are some that are so addicted that they roll out cigars at work or even while driving, which is obviously dangerous. You should make yourself busier by hanging around with people who will add more value to your life, taking a job, or engaging in one physical activity. When your mind is distracted from the thought of having to roll a cigar, then you will stay out of smoking, at least for a while.

Review your past attempts at quitting

If you’re an addict and trying to quit, it probably wasn’t your first trial. You must have had other trials which obviously failed. You shouldn’t give up, be relentless and focused on achieving your goal. Most people don’t actually know how hard it is to overcome an addiction. It isn’t an easy task as one has to struggle to put themselves out of misery. Overcoming an addiction means taking a bigger step in your life; now, age doesn’t matter at all.

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Support group

When it has gotten out of your control, you should invite professionals and people who have dealt with addiction to help you out. Reach out to support groups. You’ll have to follow their instructions in order for you to eventually overcome the habit.

If you still feel that you’re relaxed whenever you smoke weed, then you’re already addicted as your body has been programmed to react that way before you rolled the cigar. This signal from your body indicates that you cannot do so without rolling a cigar.



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