Drinks That Kills Sperm In The Female Body

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Will a drink be able to kill sperm in the female body after sexual intercourse? A drink like tequila or vodka or even soda contains enough acid to kill sperm cells if you pour the semen into a glass.

Will this be effective in a female body? No!, it won’t be effective because drinking alcohol will go through a lot of digestive processes. It would obviously be a dumber idea to wash the genitals with alcohol after sex. Alcohol that comes into direct contact with mucous membranes will immediately begin to irritate and break down those tissues. This is especially true of the vagina, which has very sensitive membranes throughout. Even one instance of this practice could result in damage to this sensitive sexual organ.

Drinks That Kill Sperm In The Female Body

Alcohol can kill sperm, but alcohol is not going to kill sperm that has entered a vagina. Douching with alcohol will not prevent pregnancy. Use real birth control or, if it is too late, get a morning-after pill.

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Drinking alcohol also does not kill sperm, no matter who drinks it. Alcoholism can actually affect a man’s sexual health. It can affect fertility by altering sperm count, size, shape, and motility. Drinking excessively can actually cause infertility in men by lowering testosterone levels, follicle stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone, and raising estrogen levels, which reduce sperm production.

What Drink Can Kill Sperm In The Female Body?

People actually believe that inserting alcohol or vinegar into the vagina after sexual intercourse will kill sperm because of their high level of acidity. There is no scientific evidence to support this, and adding alcohol will cause irritations, as previously discussed.

However, no drink can kill sperm inside the body. The drink will have to be in contact with the sperm cells. If you drink a tequila shot, it will not affect the sperm cells in your testicles or, if you’ve had sex, the sperm cells in your vagina.

You should know that the most tested and advisable way to get rid of sperm out of the female body and prevent the sperm from meeting the egg is to use real birth control pills. Most partners who already have their family all planned out wouldn’t want to get a pregnancy they never planned for. This is precisely why birth control is always advisable. Although birth control can actually have side effects, which may include nausea, breast tenderness or enlargement, headaches, spotting or breakthrough bleeding, missed periods or amenorrhea, weight gain, mood changes, and decreased sex drive.

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