How Does A Narcissist React When They Can’t Control You?

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Narcissists are people that think highly of themselves. They need admiration and lack empathy. There are several ways in which you can identify if a person is a narcissist or not. When they post and write a lot about themselves, especially on social media, and continually talk about themselves constantly during a first date.

How Does A Narcissist React When They Can’t Control You?

If you give in to a narcissist, you may find yourself under their control. One of the things narcissists hate is when you are not giving them the attention that they so desire.

How does a narcissist react when they know they can no longer control you? We may have encountered someone with a sense of entitlement; people who believe they are superior to others and deserve special treatment; people who engage in this type of manipulative behavior want to control how you feel about them.

How Does A Narcissist React When They Can't Control You

If you’ve had enough of their behaviour and you try to give them space or avoid them, they will behave in a way you never imagined. When a narcissist realises that they don’t have control over you, they will,

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Start A Smear Campaign Against You

A narcissist will make you look bad in the eyes of other people. They will do anything to take you down as they no longer have control over your actions. If someone above you, such as your boss or a coworker, is a narcissist and you grow tired of their behavior, don’t make it obvious that you’re avoiding them. When they start a smear campaign against you at your work or even at school, it might be difficult to gain everyone’s trust back again. They will use any private information they have about you to twist the truth into something that will make you appear to be a horrible person.They are masters at masking the smear campaign and shittalking about you in ‘concern’ for you. They do this to feed on other people’s compassion, and that’s how they rope others into their psycho plans to try to destroy your reputation.

Completely Ghost And Disappear

The first point made was the most important and perhaps the most common behavior a narcissist may show after they discover they can no longer control you. What about this: they will completely ghost and disappear. Not every narcissist will do this, though. Some might start a smear campaign against you and might force themselves into your life. If a narcissist should ghost you after you’ve shown that you can no longer control them, then you are extremely lucky. This is the ideal situation when dealing with a narcissist.

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They Make Themselves Victims In The Eyes Of Others

If you’re at work or in school, they will tell people around you how you have wronged them. They will make others have pity on them and be the victim, whereas you are supposed to be the victim in this case. You should completely ignore them, as they will always try to make you look like a terrible person in the eyes of others. They will make fiction seem like reality to others by turning themselves into someone that has been abused. Most of the time, they will mirror what they did to you and act like it happened to them. Because they are well aware of the crap that they have put you through, they already have the necessary information to talk about how it “happened to them”.

They Will Force Themselves Into Your Life

How Does A Narcissist React When They Can't Control You

Most of the time, narcissists won’t take NO for an answer. You’re either with them or against them. You, by defying their judgement or making their words seem false, have brought a whole lot of problems to yourself. They will try to do what they can to hold control over you because they do not accept that you will not allow them to control you. Perhaps they have uncovered a secret of yours and can keep using that information to blackmail you. No matter how vital or dark the information might be, you shouldn’t let a narcissist threaten you with exposing it.

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Things You Should Do To Control The Situation

Document Everything

Maybe not a literal documentation, but you should always keep track of their behaviour and activities knowing fully well that they are a narcissist. The more you have something against them, the safer you are against their campaign.

No Contact

You should not give them the attention they crave.They will prey upon you with what you’ve given them.

Call The Authorities

In serious cases where you feel threatened, you should contact the authorities.The authorities might not take this as something that should be looked into, as it is not a criminal offense. When they go overboard, then you should call someone with high authority.

Stay Private

You should also stay away from those they hang around with. They will probably feel that you’re trying to make them look bad in their friends’ eyes. You should completely stay away from anything concerning them and stay private.



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