How To Keep Stomach Flat While Taking Apetamin

Apetamin is a drug used for weight gain and appetite stimulation. It is composed of substances like cromoglycine, lysine, and other vitamins. Below is a table of the constituents of Apetamin in grams (g) and milligrams per 5 milliliters (ml) of Apetamin syrup.

Cyproheptadine2 g
Lysine150 mg
Dexpanthenol4.5 g
Nicotinamide15 mg
Thiamine2 mg
Pyridoxine1 mg

Is Apetamin Legal?

The fact that it contains the prescription drug Crproheptadine actually makes it illegal for someone who doesn’t have the license to sell it within the United States. Most people acquire the product online from social media outlets and websites; the FDA deems these drug sources to be potentially harmful.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), does not in fact consent to the use Apetamin in the U.S. Research has shown that cyproheptadine, Apetamin’s main ingredient, may be safe and well-tolerated in different populations looking to gain weight through appetite stimulation. Cyproheptadine is available with a prescription.

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How To Keep Stomach Flat While Taking Apetamin

Why Do People Take Apetalin? People, particularly women, might actually be abusing the use of this drug. Apetamin was approved by the FDA for people who cannot easily access weight gain supplements. The ladies who make use of Apetamin actually have a goal in mind. They wish to have nice curves with big “butts” and “boobs.” This is the primary reason why some ladies take Apetamin. While they want their curves to grow, they also want a flat stomach to keep their body in shape.

Ladies wants the big butts and boobs that Apetamin purportedly offers them but not a big belly. Now, what they might not understand is that the action of Apetamin doesn’t spare any body part. All the parts gain weight collectively, so while you’re aiming for big buttocks, keep in mind that you won’t have a flat stomach. So apetamin basically causes belly fat.

Is there a way around it? Can one decide to burn belly fat while they are still on Apetamin medication? You will have to discuss this with your medical professional who has prescribed the medications to you. Here are some ways in which you can keep the stomach flat while taking Apetamin.

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Adding Fiber to Your Diet

Studies have suggested that eating more soluble fiber can prevent belly fat gain and help you lose stomach fat. A 10-gram increase in daily soluble fiber poses a 3.7% lower risk of gaining belly fat. Adding more fiber to your diet might help burn belly fat while on Apetamin medications.

Wear Waist Trainers

A waist trainer might not be so efficient as it only makes you look slim while you are wearing it. Once it is taken off, you will revert back to your normal shape. A waist trainer cannot actually burn fat but keeps your body in shape for some time.

Avoid carbonated Drinks

Limiting the intake or not taking sodas can help reduce and prevent belly fat. Even more potent than carbonation is sugar, a rich source of empty calories that does not provide fullness. Soda sparks a spike in blood sugar, followed by an insulin spike and excessive belly fat storage.

Flat Tummy Tea

While you are on your Apetamin medication, you can actually use flat stomach tea to prevent tummy fat. Flat Tummy Tea is a 100% natural herb that uses natural ingredients known to detox the body to get you back to flat and fab.

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Avoid Alcohol

You shouldn’t be taking alcohol if you want to lose belly fat. Foods that are high in simple sugars, such as those found in candy, soda, and even beer, are also high in calories. These extra calories end up being stored as fat in the body. Generally, consuming foods and drinks high in sugar can cause weight gain.



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