Common Cold: Causes And Symptoms In Children

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A common cold has to be one of the most common illnesses in children. If not treated properly, it could lead to other contamination. Common colds are caused by viruses, more than 200 viruses cause the infection. A common cold tends to attack children the most because kids are more exposed to the environment.

Common Cold: Causes And Symptoms In Children

In this article, we’ll be looking at the causes of the common cold in children. By seeing the causes, we can now prevent children from getting infected.Common cold affects the respiratory tract, basically the nose and throat. It doesn’t only affect children; adults also contract this illness. A common cold should be treated effectively with the recommended prescriptions.

The common cold is actually more deadly than we think. An estimate has shown that there are up to 650 000 deaths recorded on account of respiratory tract infections like the common cold. A common cold wouldn’t be so deadly if you knew the causes and ways to treat it. A common cold can be treated efficaciously with antibiotics prescribed by medical professionals.

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How do children contact common colds?

Common Cold: Causes And Symptoms In Children
  • A common cold can be transmitted through an infected person. It can also be as a result of weather change. As mentioned earlier, children are more exposed to the environment than adults. They would contact the illness by touching contaminated surfaces like doorknobs, buses, and public places.
  • One of the most common places where children might become infected is school. Coming into contact with an infected person, either by handshake or hug, could transmit the common cold. An infected person’s sneeze, cough, or even talks.
  • The infected person’s bodily fluids, such as saliva, which could be shared through drinks or conversations. Mucus is obviously caused by a common cold, so coming into contact with someone else’s mucus will very much get you infected.

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Common colds should be resolved within two weeks. Here are some of the obvious symptoms.

  • Mucus

Mucus from the nose is a major sign of the common cold. Make sure to stay away from others so they won’t get infected as well. Always use a hand towel to sneeze and cough to prevent fluids from floating in the air.

  • Watery eyes

Your eyes might become itchy and irritating, but you should never fall for it. Make sure you always clean up the tear droplets.

  • Fever

When not treated quickly enough, the common cold could cause fever. Fever would cause a loss of appetite, a feeling of tiredness, and a general weakness of the body.

  • A sore throat and a cough are other symptoms you might want to look out for.
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One shouldn’t be nervous once you’ve been infected. You just have to meet a medical professional, follow their prescriptions, and within two weeks you should be back to normal.



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